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Technical Large Animal Rescue Training - Aug 28th/29th 2023
brought to WA by the Western Australian Horse Council

All About TLAER |                 Registrations for the 2023 TLAR are now closed.

TLAER (Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue) training facilitated by the WAHC was inspired

by Diane Bennit (Chair,Western Australian Horse Council)  upon reading an article from British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association (BARTA) in 2013 that stated in disasters '84% of horses died from the injuries they received while being rescued." The article continued to document that since BARTA had been established and was organising training courses, those statistics had improved by 70%.

Diane then attended in Prague, Czech Republic 2015, the first International Animal Rescue Conference organized by BARTA.  Later that year Anton Phillips (Hampshire Fire and Rescue) was brought to Australia by the WAHC as the first international TLAER instructor.

The WAHC is the state of Western Australia's leading training provider in Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, and has brought the specialised skill set from world experts in the field to our state since 2015 - and 2023 will be no different.

TLAER Training aims to provide systems, processes & emergency situation management skills to result in safe, successful outcomes for horses, owners and emergency responders alike. 

INTENDED AUDIENCE includes emergency services (DFES, RFS, SES), community management services (Rangers Association of WA, Animal Care providers (Veterinarians, Vet Nurses, Animal Attendants) and the public (Clubs, equine managers etc). 

The WA Horse Council is a core member of the state government Committee for Animal Welfare in Emergencies.  As part of the Department of Primary Industries (DPIRD) ongoing commitment to build capability and capacity in support of the State Support Plan (SSP)-Animal Welfare in Emergencies the Committee for Animal Welfare in Emergencies (CAWE) was established in Feb 2019.


CAWE is a multi-agency forum to promote communication and collaboration and the integration of animal welfare consideration into emergency management.

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