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Sharleen Jordan

Committee WAHC 2016 - 2022

Sharleen's story

Sharleen Jordan has been a Western Australian Horse Council committee member since 2016 and holds the Coordinator of the ‘Emergency Large Animal Rescue Training Courses’ Portfolio.  She is an ASL2 (Advanced Skills Lecturer) for Central Regional TAFE (WA) who has been conducting training for the Local Government and Animal Studies sectors since 1996. 

Her teachings incorporate a wide scope of Nationally Accredited and hands-on skills training; subjects including animal behaviour, management and control, reptile handling, livestock, emergency management, firearms, law and more. 

Sharleen has more than twenty years of service on the WA Rangers Association committee and represents them on the Australian Institute of Animal Management committee; as well as having a presence on several other committees.


She has worked with Animal Control in the USA and has conducted training and various projects with Animal Control in Malaysia.   Sharleen has a vast international network of officers and through this network is able to uphold her principles of teaching “Current International Best Practice” with a strong focus on Animal Welfare and Occupational Health and Safety. 


Sharleen is a fourth generation farm girl from Merredin and lives on her hobby farm with her two active daughters, their ponies and a small menagerie of pets including a loveable Saint Bernard called Princess.


Sharleen Jordan BSc Dip Ed Dip LG ASL2

Lecturer Local Government/Animal Studies

Central Regional TAFE

T: 08 9622 6746 | M: 0428 001 876



+61 9293 3577

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