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Marg Langan


  • WAHC 2022

Marg's story

I enjoy living in the hills on a small property with a pony, one horse, two
dogs and lots of chickens.  I run my own business some of which is equine
I came to Australia from England as a small child.  This enabled me to
realize a childhood dream of owning a horse.   I did the usual things of
going through Pony Club and having lots of fun.
My hobby is carriage driving, something I've been interest in since the late
70's.  My involvement now is judging and coaching.   The sport has taken me
around the world and opened many doors.

Being secretary of the WA Horse Council is a great position and something I
thoroughly enjoy. It means that you get to be involved and help with the
wider horse community


+61 9293 3577

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