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Sandy Hannan

Committee Member

WAHC 1984 - 2022

Sandy's story

Sandy Hannan has been a WA Horse Council committee person since its inception in 1984 and is responsible for the Council’s Publicity & Public Relations Portfolio.


She is the owner and Managing Editor for the leading Australian magazine ‘Hoofbeats’. Formerly from Victoria she started her involvement with horses working with Thoroughbred yearlings in a racing stable, followed by another stable in Toodyay that focussed on breeding and racehorses. Then taking her own horse she moved to a riding school and horse hire centre on Rottnest Island and escorted trail rides. Trained as a Signwriter she ran her own business from the age of 18 years, moving around Australia working and riding in many states.

In the Northern Territory Sandy joined the newly fledged Polocrosse association, which was an experience and she often found herself riding without a bridle as someone had ‘slipped’ it off in the heat of the game. During her time in the Northern Territory she worked in a Medical Library and had ample time to produce newsletters for the Polocrosse club and other clubs.


She also spent some time mustering Buffalo’s until a confrontation with a wild bull made her decide it was time to move on. After an extended overseas period Sandy and her husband Robert settled on a property in WA and she became involved with breeding and showing an Appaloosa, specializing in Dressage.

An equestrian photographer Sandy travelled across WA to attend events for many years before starting Hoofbeats magazine with three partners in 1979 and she has been involved in the production of the magazine ever since.


+61 9293 3577

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