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Are you interest in supporting
what we do?

Becoming a member of the Western Australian Horse Council is a fantastic way to support us in advocating for you, and your horses. 


Membership with the WA Horse Council

  • Provides us with the capacity as a Council to continue to advocate, and provide a strong link between matters within Government (Federal, State & LGA) and what is important for the welfare of your horses and the future sustainability of our industry. 

  • Keeps you up to date with any future programs we are hosting, and gives you the opportunity to engage in them as early as possible. Programs include LAR - Large animal rescue training, Webinars, interviews and education.

  • Creates a connection between you, and the foundation of what provides our state of Western Australia with the opportunity to continue to engage with the magnificent animals we do, in a 'future proofed' way well into the future.

WAHC Membership Form 2023.png

We are working hard to upgrade our membership process - so for now, please download the form to fill out, save to your desktop & post or email to

WAHC Membership Form 2022.png
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