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Since 1984, the WA Horse Council has united Western Australia’s vibrant horse industry, advocating for the state’s horses, owners, trainers and riders, keeping them aware of statutory and timely regulations including veterinary developments.

WAHC  plays a crucial role in the equine industry by serving as governing bodies, advocate, and resource for various aspects related to horses:

  1. Industry Advocacy:  WAHC advocates for the interests of horse owners, breeders, trainers, and other stakeholders within the equine industry. We work to influence legislation, regulations, and policies that affect the welfare, management, and business aspects of horses.

  2. Education and Outreach: We are involved in educating the public, horse owners, and professionals about horse care, welfare, training, and particularly surrounding large animal emergency management. 

  3. Networking and Community Building: These councils provide a platform for individuals and organizations within the equine industry to connect, collaborate, and share information. They often facilitate networking opportunities, allowing stakeholders to build relationships, exchange ideas, and work together for the betterment of the industry.

  4. Emergency Response and Disaster Preparedness: The WAHC has been involved in planning and implementing strategies for the evacuation, shelter, and care of horses. We have collaborated with emergency services and organizations to ensure the safety and well-being of horses during crises. The WAHC has been a core member of the Committee for Animal Welfare in Emergencies (CAWE) and the Animal Emergency Incident Management Network (AUS/NZ)

This new WA Horse Council webpage is currently under construction  - more updates coming soon.

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