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Dr Kathy Klein


  • WAHC 2007 - 2023

Kathy's story

For over 35 years, Dr Kathy Klein has operated Western Australia's first independent mobile equine veterinary practice.


A graduate of the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Kathy received her Bachelor of Animal Science in 1981 and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1985.  Kathy came to Australia as the inaugural overseas intern at Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital (MUVH) in 1985, completing her internship/residency in equine medicine & surgery in 1990.  In addition to her clinical, teaching, and research responsibilities at MUVH, Kathy worked for national and international equine air freight services, was a locum to multiple equine practices in Perth, and served as a regulatory veterinarian for the Western Australian Trotting Association.


Throughout her career, Kathy has pioneered the use of innovative technology & championed rehabilitation in Western Australia; often providing new diagnostics and management rarely offered by other practitioners. This includes the first Extracorporeal Focused Shock Wave therapy in WA, the first Equinosis/Lameness Locator (motion sensor device) in Australia, Alive Cor ECG App,  wireless DR with Metron-IQ automatic image reporting software and Epona Hoof Cam,  handheld/wireless POC ultrasound, MultiRadiance Medical Laser, cloud-based mobile veterinary management software system, DRAGON/Nuance medical dictation, and the only vet FLIR thermography camera which is shared with Perth Zoo .  Kathy’s continued interaction with her international network of specialist colleagues in both veterinary and human medicine has provided her with direct access to international developments in advanced diagnostics, technology and science that has shaped equine practice in WA.

Kathy persistently seeks cutting edge tools to aid in achieving more accurate diagnoses, treatments and improved veterinary outcomes. She has recently acquired one of the only PRO-STRIDE APS  (Autologous Protein Solution Device)/Restigen PRP systems in WA, an innovative biological/ regenerative joint therapy for horses that represents a significant advancement in regenerative therapies.  This system is compatible with the Alpha-2 Macroglobulin technology which is a new regenerative treatment to manage cartilage-based pathology and inflammatory arthritides.  Her current collaboration with leading  specialists Dr Steve O’Grady and Derek Poupard (Godolphin Racing) has brought  hoof casting, 3D printing (two Prusa, one Matterhackers 3D printers),  synthetic materials and expertise to horses in WA.


For 15 years, she has been a pivotal member (now Chair) of the West Australian Horse Council (WAHC), with particular focus on its welfare and large animal rescue portfolios.  Over the past few years, Kathy has represented WAHC on the Committee for Animal Welfare in Emergencies (CAWE/DPIRD), is a member of the Animal Emergency Incident Management Network (AEIMN) AUS/NZ , reviewed the Animal Welfare Act 2002, prepared a submission for the Veterinary Practice Bill 2020, reviewed the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Land Transport of Livestock (and their suitability for horses)  and is currently the veterinary representative on the recently formed EWA welfare committee. 


Kathy’s other contributions include appointments as a consultant to racing and polo events in Australia, Southeast Asia and China; to Swan Valley Riding for the Disabled/Horsepower (in 2015 becoming its first life member honoring 25 years of service to RDA), as the Category A (veterinary) member on the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) of the University of Western Australia from 2013-2017 and  is currently the Category A member on the AEC for TeleMedVet who are researching the  relationship between serum biomarkers and equine nuclear medicine radionomics in the prediction of lameness and fracture.


+61 9293 3577

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