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Road Safety Survey- Western Australian Horse Council

The Western Australian Horse Council (WAHC) is proud to announce the launch of a landmark, comprehensive survey aimed at improving road safety for horses and their riders. This initiative, hosted on Google Forms, invites members of the equestrian community and the general public to share their experiences and suggestions regarding the coexistence of horses and vehicular traffic on Western Australia’s roads. A Community Effort for Safer RoadsRoad safety for horses is a critical issue that affects not just horse riders, but also drivers and pedestrians. With an increasing number of incidents involving horses on our roads, the WAHC is taking a proactive approach to understand the challenges and develop effective strategies for safer shared road use.

Survey Scope and Impact

The survey is designed to gather detailed information about:

-Incidents involving horses on the road

-Perceived challenges by horse riders and road users

-Effective measures to enhance safety for horses, riders and drivers

-Opportunities for collaboration with local government authorities and organizations

How to Participate

The WAHC encourages all community members, equestrian enthusiasts, and road users to participate in this important survey. Your feedback is invaluable and will play a key role in shaping the future of road safety for horses in Western Australia. To participate, please visit      

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