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RAS Reviews Large Animal Rescue prior to 2021 Perth Royal Show

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

The WA Horse Council was requested by the Royal Agricultural Society Councillor in Charge and Ring Master Andrew Williams to present a review of 'Large Animal Rescue' LAR techniques prior to the opening of the 2021 Perth Royal Show, to the Royal Agricultural Show arena event staff. The presentation was made by WAHC President Diane Bennit and committee member in charge of LAR training, Chris Horvath. This training was to enable new RAS staff and those who had attended previous LAR events with a refresher in Animal plus People recovery safety management and also for new RAS staff, plus volunteers on hand for the show week.

An RAS equipment check was performed to ensure that sufficient equipment was on hand from the RAS rescue horse trailer with electric winch, glide panel, ropes, gloves, shepherds crook, head collar, ropes, lifting slings, to roll out blocking screens. Along with the use of and how each could be applied to performing a recovery of a horse.

Andrew Williams the designated RAS 'Incident Controller' gave an explanation of the various roles the arena/event staff could be called upon to perform. Emphasis on each person’s own safety, extending to the rider, owners and to animal management, crowd control, Veterinary and person’s first aid response, was stressed.

With the use of a demonstration horse, various techniques were applied in the use of slings, ropes, head collar, shepherd crooks as how each could be utilised to assist in a recovery or rescue. Rescue training is shown in the photo is the use of a sling with ropes to perform a forward drag of a horse on the ground onto the glide panel which was then winched into the RAS rescue trailer.

This training review helped prepare the RAS staff for any eventualities in the upcoming week of the Royal Show.


Many thanks to Sandy Hannan for this write up.

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