Peter Gill

Committee WAHC 2020 - 2022

Peter's story

Peter Gill, who is a committee member of WA Horse Council, started riding at a riding school. He later purchased a horse, joining Oaklands Pony Club and Hunt Club.

After a hiatus studying Nursing at Royal Melbourne Hospital, later working in ICU and theatre, specialising in anaesthetics, Peter was again Eventing and Hunting with Melbourne Hunt Club.

Obtaining his NCAS with EFA, PCA and RDA, Peter coached across a broad spectrum of areas over the years.

Moving to WA from Victoria, Peter coached at Pony Club and RDA and did some minor Eventing.

Peter retired from Nursing and Coaching a few years ago due to a foot injury necessitating a below knee amputation and fitting of a prosthesis.


He is riding again under the guidance of M’liss Henry and intends to requalify for his coaching accreditations.


+61 9293 3577